How to Let Go Of Limiting Beliefs – The Formula 
Written by Hamzah Salim on Jan. 24th 2022
You have probably seen all these popular techniques that are out there to overcome limiting beliefs, but you just don't seem to get the results you want with these methods. Right? Well, by the end of this blog post you'll know exactly how to let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

So the first step is to write your limiting belief or the story you tell yourself out. One of the stories I used to tell myself that prevented me from stepping in, into my vision and passion, was "I don't have the strategies and tactics to succeed." So I used to compare myself with other people in this industry, and I got quite intimidated and overwhelmed. 

Now, step number two is to write down the counter-example of that belief, or the new belief that you want. So we have to reword the limiting belief of, "I don't have the strategies and tactics to succeed," to the more empowering belief of, "I have the strategies and tactics to succeed." 

Now, very important distinction here - If we stop the process at this point, this is what most people do, this is where popular advice on YouTube and in general, the self-development industry is preaching. "Find out your limiting belief, rewrite it, make your affirmations, your meditation, think about it, visualize, and you don't need to take action, and then your limiting belief is changed." 

No, it doesn't work like that. Our mind doesn't work like that. Step number three is the specific mini action plan that we get to do to make this new belief a reality, because our mind needs constant proof so that it accepts this new belief. And what we are interested in is identifying the key steps that we need to take every day to move us forward to where we want to go. And I'm going to give you a specific example on how I used it.

So now we can say, "I have the strategies and tactics to succeed," the new belief here, "because of..." Very important. Why? Because. Now, the action step, "Because I am learning from the leading mentors by consuming their content daily and implementing at least one thing." 

Now, this was my action step that I've used at that time. And for you, it might be something different and of course, you will probably have a different limiting-belief story. Use this formula to once for all let go of your limiting belief so that you can level up big time.

Hamzah Salim

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