How To Figure Out What You Want To Do With Your Life 
Written by Hamzah Salim on Jan. 27th 2022
What should I do next? Do you feel lost and are constantly looking for that right path? By the end of this blog post, you'll be able to get more clarity on your purpose and mission in life.

So the first key to finding your true purpose is to think different. This one was a little bit hard to grasp for me in the earlier stages of my journey because I remember I'm watching all these motivational videos and inspirational quotes until I realized I was sucked into a fake bubble that was not based on my own thinking.

The thing is, if you don't go outside of your comfort zone, out of your own way, you really can't know what you truly want. Yes, thinking differently takes a lot of courage because society conditions us to just follow the herd. Get a degree, get a good job and work as an employee until retirement.

The truth is this - most people want to stay in their comfort zone and I was no exception until I've learned in a painful way that in order to find my true purpose, I had to step out of my shell. I can't hide and search for my purpose by watching motivational videos or other people showing their own lives on social media. So I stopped hiding behind my illusions, spend time in solitude and really reflected on all aspects of my life.

Key number two - A-C-C. What does this mean? Actions create clarity, one of my favorite quotes. One of the best ways to get absolute clarity in one area of your life is to set a small goal and commit all the way through. If you do that you will soon find out what sticks and what not. Part of getting clear on your purpose is knowing what you want and also, what you don't want. If I ask you what you don't want, you'll come up easily with a lot of things. 

The third key is to record and reflect. What do I mean by that? On your journey to discovering your purpose, what happens is that you'll probably forget a lot of thing as this is just human nature. This happens to all of us if we don't record because the actions we take give us valuable feedback. 

If we don't have a system or write our experiences down, especially our positive experiences, we cannot identify the patterns and getting clear on what we really want to commit to in life. Imagine having a little library with all your experiences for months and weeks that you can go back to it and see how you’re progressing. This will be a valuable asset that gives you tremendous clarity on your journey to success.

Hamzah Salim

Hamzah Salim helps aspiring entrepreneurs & high achievers get clear on their exact purpose using paradigm shifts.
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