How to Identify Limiting Beliefs – (Uncover the Story That Is Secretly Ruining Your Life)
Written by Hamzah Salim on Jan. 21th 2022
For months, I was procrastinating on starting my YouTube channel, and I got really frustrated with myself and I wondered why I was not doing the things I said I'd do. I knew all the necessary steps, but back then I just couldn't commit to my goals. Do you feel hesitant in your actions and can't commit to goals? 

Well, a limiting belief is basically an idea that we feel very certain about it. An idea is like a tabletop, it can't stand on its own, it needs legs that support it. Now that an idea forms into a limiting belief, we need strong references. References get stronger the more emotion we put in. 

There are three types of references; personal experience, external sources like books, videos, other people, and our own imagination, thoughts. The theater that we play in our mind, the stories we tell ourselves. All those references get stronger the more emotion we put into. And the emotion is what charges the references.

And the more we repeat this cycle, the more this idea is strengthened until it forms a limiting belief. Now, if this sounds a little bit confusing, I'm going to share what one of my limiting beliefs was. So one of my limiting beliefs was my English is not good enough. So what I've done is before I started this YouTube channel, I started to record videos. And back then I was not very happy with how I presented the information. 

I didn't upload the videos because I felt like it was not good enough to put them out on YouTube. Now, the meaning I gave to that experience, emotion occurred, doubt, anxiety. Then let's take the second type of reference, external sources. I was comparing myself with other YouTubers, other coaches in the personal development industry and the doubts increased.

Now, I'm going to share the three keys that helped me identify my limiting beliefs and stories. So before we go into the three keys, you have to be really honest with yourself. That's  the most powerful way to detect limiting beliefs and stories. Self-awareness is very important und you have to observe yourself and take notes. 

Now, the first question I asked myself was, what's the story? The story you can find in your self-talk. I found the negative self-talk I was telling myself, I can't do that because of this and that. Look for the justifications. Whenever you say, "but", or "if", there lies a pattern that you need to recognize. 

Look where are you procrastinating. Which actions are you delaying over and over again? Observe yourself, your behaviors, your self-talk and how you interact with other people for a week. And after a week, you will be able to see patterns in your behaviors so that you can change them.

Because when you see your patterns you can change your behaviors easier. You are conscious of your stories and the things that cause your self-sabotage.

Hamzah Salim

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